About North Willow Park

North Willow Park is a beautiful community located on Township Line Rd, in between 86th St and 96th St. Construction was started about 1978. There are 54 buildings and 220 condos. Each unit has a small area around it in which the homeowner can individualize and beautify their home.

Information you may be looking for:

  1. ALL property issues should be reported to our Property Management Company, Omni via the Omni Caliber Portal. Your property manager is Ryan Hoffman, his assistant is Susanne Douglas.
  2. All residents who are registered can log in and then have access to:
  3. Trash pickup is on Thursday. Heavy trash pickup is on Thursday of the 2nd full week of the month. All trash information is in the calendar. Please know that anything with glass (windows, storm doors) will NOT be picked up by trash or heavy trash.  What will be picked up is explained in the calendar. All complaints about trash or requests for new/different trash cans should be directed to the Mayor’s Action Center (317-327-4622).
  4. Hazardous waste dates are also on the calendar, along with descriptions of what is classified as hazardous.
  5. Overnight street parking is prohibited between the hours of midnight to 6AM. If you have guests, or need to park on the street overnight, please complete a Guest Pass Request. If you always need to park on the street, please either park on the parking pad on Doubloon, or on Tulane. If your car is towed, the towing company is Last Chance Wrecker (317-972-9651), located at 1256 Roosevelt Ave Indianapolis, IN 46202.
  6. The ByLaws
  7. YTD financials
  8. What to do if you want to plant/change in your limited area or change your structure (enclosing patio area, skylights etc) – fill out an “architectural request” form. (Request form)
  9. Approved colors of doors etc.  – get approval first please!